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LamdaTEL - a unique unified communication platform.

years of experience

The LamdaTEL team has been at the cutting
edge of communications and internet innovation
for over 30 years.



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about us

what drives us

  • innovation as a driver
    understanding the complexities in the creation
    and introduction of innovation into the
    marketplace, with a sustainable economic model,
    drives the essence of good corporate governance
    and a beneficial contribution to humanity
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  • communications as a medium
    technological advancements in the communications
    industry have created a wealth of opportunities,
    for the introduction of value based products
    and services, into a collaboration platform
    that breaks down all physical barriers
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  • internet as a resource
    not only has the internet changed our planet, over
    the past 25 years, but it has provided a rich
    resource base from which we can harness knowledge,
    information and data that was never before
    accessible by society in general
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  • service as a deliverable
    customer expectations are now easier to achieve as the
    level of relationship tools and intelligence are
    starting to integrate in ways that provide ultra
    useful insights to truly deliver ... service
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  • people as core
    the core of organisational wellbeing, stability,
    sustainability, progress and success rests
    within the most valuable asset...it's people.
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  • planet as environment
    ecological sustainability is of paramount importance
    to all life on our planet, for without it there is
    no need for organisations, technology or innovation
    ...so we are relentless in providing core assets
    to monitor waste processing equipment...globally
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'THE PLANET' campaign creates awareness of the vast depth and breadth of LamdaTEL's reach within Unified Communications.



the right product,
at the right price



flexible and secure
global platform



always on, always up,
always available



any user, any device,
anywhere, any time



online marketing campaign

LamdaTEL has created brand awareness for it's various products and services by activating 'THE PLANET' campaign.

The campaign has provided valuable feedback that was introduced into:

  • produced enhancements
  • new value propositions
  • real-time delivery methods

New marketing campaigns are in the planning stages to coincide with new product introductions.

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disruptive advancements

  • 16 Sep, 2014
    LamdaTEL at the forefront of global communication services
  • 25 Oct, 2015
    LamdaTEL produces base communication platform
  • 5 Dec, 2016
    LamdaTEL acquisition of enhanced delivery services
  • 11 Feb, 2017
    LamdaTEL switches cloud based services
  • 19 Apr, 2017
    LamdaTEL secures distribution channel
  • 1 Jul, 2018
    LamdaTEL forecasts 10,000 extensions
  • 1 Jul, 2020
    LamdaTEL forecasts 100,000 extensions

LamdaTEL has developed the Integrated Communication Platform that utilises business rules involving corporate processes for any service, any media type, at any place and in real-time.

Our core focus is to create comprehensive and integrated solutions for all interactions across the corporate and consumer markets...globally.

our Unified Communications platform permits a wide variety of data types to be accessed from a single on-line presence and any wireless mobile device
our extremely easy to configure, subscription based, 'self-service' communications system is cost effective and has 'quality of service' as standard
LamdaTEL’s network topology forms the Universal Common Connectivity Platform (UCCP) and is the basis to providing Unified Communications services.
our cloud based platform and feature rich services contribute to localised delivery with a global reach as the number of mobile Internet users grows exponentially

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