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LamdaTEL has secured patent rights that relate to its ability to provide secure online monitoring services.

These patents and 'Patent Candidates' relate to the capability of collecting data (voice, video, data) from various devices, at remote locations and to then transmit the data securely into a central storage facility.

The patents relate to the monitoring of a site for the occurrence of predetermined conditions.

The patents also relate to responding to any breached conditions, at the site, by capturing a packet of alarm data and then transmitting the data to a remote location via a communications network.

The Patented system will revolutionise the current “back-to-base” services offered by large security companies. LamdaTEL, via it's newly developed product, kosmoGUARD™, offers a “do-it-yourself” alarm and data monitoring system for a house, factory, shop, office, car or taxi with a video link that the owner accesses via the Internet. The novelty is derived from the use of artificial intelligence to respond to triggered alarm conditions and the use of an embedded computing process that requires no external personal computer to connect to the Internet. The alarm conditions may be in the form of Voice, Video or Data (temperature, access, biometrics, biological etc).

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